Terms of Cookies Use Agreement

Please read the terms and conditions outlined in the User Agreement before using the website. This Agreement shares vital information regarding the use of the site and guidelines for using the services offered by the site.

When you use the site and click “Place Your Order,” use our services or sign up on the site, you are agreeing to a legal agreement with the Company.

The Company has the right to revise, modify, amend or change any and all of the provisions outlined in the Agreement.

The Client agrees to read these provisions each time the site is accessed.

If a Client does not agree with the terms and conditions, they are asked not to use the site to leave it right away.

If a Client continues to use the site’s services, even after the terms and conditions have changed, they agree to the updates.

If a Client wants to terminate the Agreement, a request to delete the account must be sent and the Client must stop using the site or visiting the site.

Collecting and using personal data, as outlined in the Privacy Policy (including cookies and automatic data collection), is a large part of this Agreement.

1. Vocabulary
1.1 The “Agreement’ is all of the terms and conditions contained here.

1.2 “Company” means this entity, which sells writing services and products to the Client as outlined in this Agreement.

1.3 The “Site” is the Company’s website, which is available for public viewing at nerdywriters.co.uk, is run by the Company and available on the Internet.

1.4 The “Writer” is the person who has agreed to work with the Company as a freelancer to do both writing and research according to the Company’s terms.

1.5 The “Client” is the person who uses the Site and orders a product or service that meets the guidelines of the Client and the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

1.6 The “Order” is a paid service from the Client for a Product or service.

1.7 “Order Status” refers the stage the Order is at throughout the process.

1.8 The “Product” is a document delivered electronically and is the final product of an Order placed by a Client.

1.9 “Product Revision” is any Product that has been assigned a revision by the Client.

1.10 The “Support Team” is a group of individuals that oversees the entire Order process.

1.11 The “Quality Assurance Department” oversees the Company’s quality control of all Products and services.

1.12 The “Messaging System” allows Clients to interact with Support or Writers.

1.13 The “Verification Process” is the requirement of the Client to provide necessary data to fulfill the Order and prevent fraudulent activity.

1.14 “Store Credit” is any money that exists in a Client’s account with the Company.

2. Terms of Use and Product Nature

2.1 The Company’s services are such that qualified writers conduct research and offer writing services to aid the Client in finishing schoolwork and writing papers. The Company does not guarantee a passing grade. This Agreement sets out to provide the Client with an original document per the directions of the Client’s Order. Shared information is intended for reference and research only. The Company does not hold responsibility for learning coursework or for improperly using the material shared by the Writer.

2.2 It is the Client’s responsibility to check the rules and regulations of the institution regarding the use of writing and research services to make sure such services are not against the law in the state or country of residence. This must be done before an Order is placed and the Client must understand the law and guidelines of the country, state and institution.

2.3 The Client’s choice to use the Company’s research and writing services is their own and the Company, employees and Writers are not to held liable for any decisions that go against the country, state or institution of residence. The Company is not responsible for the following:
● Reported the incorrect state or city
● Purposely shared incorrect information

2.4 The Company does not ask for the age of Clients and has no way to gather that information. Anyone under the age of 16 must have parental permission before sharing any personal data on the Site. If you feel that your minor child has shared personal data without your consent, please contact us at privacy@nerdywriters.co.uk. Making an Order with knowingly false information (including by a person under age 16 or that contains information that is another’s) is a direct violation of the Company’s terms and conditions.

3. Ordering Process

3.1 Making an Order. It is the Client’s duty to provide a correct email and phone number when making an order. In some cases, the Company may need to reach the Client and failure to provide the proper information can interfere with Order completion and terminates all terms and conditions in the Agreement. It might also result in a forfeit of the Product warranty.

Anytime a Client uses the Site, they must:
● Keep passwords confidential and not share them with others
● Contact the Support Team right away if it’s suspected that the password has been shared or stolen
A Client’s account is their own responsibility until it is closed, or misuse is reported.

Direct contact between the Client and Writer is strictly prohibited, which ensures that a Client’s data is secure and safe. Instead, a Client is encouraged to use the 24/7 Customer Support for all communication with the Company.

3.2 The Writer only has access to information and files shared by the Client once the Order has been paid for by the Client. The Company takes no responsibility for any personal data that is shared with the Writer by the Client. The Company discourages the Client from sharing any billing or personal information with the Writer when using the Messaging System.

3.3 Payment. Work will not begin on a Client’s Order until payment in full has been received for the services or Product. The Company does not take responsibility for payments that aren’t made on time.

3.4 Discounts. Once an Order has been paid for, no discounts can be used. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide discount information when filling in the Order form. The Company does not provide reimbursements or compensation when a Client fails to use their discount code. No discounts can be combined with other discounts or used in combination with other services.

3.5 Instructions. A Client must provide precise instructions as they are used to complete an Order. The implied warranty is not effective if a Client fails to provide clear directions for completing the Order or when directions are not given in a timely manner. Revision requests can only be done using the original instructions. Other changes will be considered edits and will be billed accordingly. Orders are not subject to free revisions if they deviate from the original guidelines. Any additional needs must be provided before a Writer is assigned to the Order. Any failure to do this may forfeit the warranty and violates the Agreement.

3.6 Sources. The Writer is allowed to use relevant sources to fulfill an Order. This may include journals, books, online publications, newspapers and interviews, but is not limited to them, unless the Client requests for certain materials not to be used. If a Client wants a Writer to use certain sources they must use the following timeline:
● 48 hours – 10 days: all directions must be shared within 8 hours after Order is placed
● 12 – 24 hours: all directions must be shared within 1 hour after Order is placed
● Less than 12 hours: all directions must be shared within 20 minutes after Order is placed

A Client’s failure to follow these regulations violates the Agreement and could lead to forfeiting the warranty.

3.7 Academic Level Matching. It is the Client’s responsibility to choose the proper academic level or they will be held liable for the mistake. The correct academic level must be chosen when the Order is placed. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact the Support Team if a mistake is made.

3.8 Using the Messaging System. The Messaging System is a way for the Client to interact with the Company. It is the Client’s duty to check the system for messages from the Company or the Writer. It is also their duty to respond to messages and questions in a timely way. No refund will be offered as a result of failing to check the Messaging System. Customer Support can help a Client who does not understand how to use the system.

3.9 Incorrect Placement of an Order. When Order directions differ from the original request, the Company reserves the right to refuse to submit the Order. Choosing the incorrect Product, providing the wrong directions, asking for a Writer upgrade or asking for an extension on a deadline may result in additional fees. This is to ensure that each Order is processed correctly and matched to the proper Writer. All additional charges will be approved by the Client before being processed.

3.10 Tracking the Progress of the Order. A Client can use his account to track the order progress or contact the Writer or Support Team. Status updates may be any of the following:
● Waiting for Payment – the Order cannot be started until payment is made in full
● Research started – the Order has been paid and information is being collected for the Writer.
● In Progress – the Writer is writing or completing the assignment.
● Complete – the Client can view the uploaded document. A download is available via the Client’s account.
● Returned for Revision – revisions are being made to the Order per the Client’s instructions.
● Hold – the Support Team has stopped work on the Order and the Writer has temporarily stopped work on the Order. Information on why can be found on the account or by contacting Customer Support.
● Canceled – the order is canceled.
3.11 The Client can request a draft at any time from the Writer, but the Company cannot guarantee a draft if the deadline is 3 to 48 hours.

3.12 Preferred Writers. When placing an Order, the Client can request a certain Writer. The Company reserves the right to deny this request based on history, quality, speed or any other reason that could interfere with completing the Order. The Company will provide the Client with reasons for the decision. If the Client still wants to use the Writer, the Company holds no liability for the Product and no refunds will be offered.

4. Policy on Delivery and Downloading

4.1 The Company strives for the highest satisfaction on each Order. However, the Company does not hold liability for problems with downloading, spam filters that interfere with downloading, providing the wrong email, no internet connection, Client negligence or any other instance out of their control. The Support Team can help with problems 24/7. The Company uses up to date software to best meet the Client’s needs. The Client is responsible for providing the correct personal information.

4.2 When the Order is delivered on time, the Company is not responsible for the failure of the Client to download it. The Product will still be billed to the Client and there is no refund available so that Writer can get paid.

5. Verification Process

5.1 Preventing fraudulent activities and protecting the billing information is a top priority for the Company. The Company, in conjunction with banks, authorities and merchants is responsible for protecting the Client’s personal data. A handwritten signature is not required as all business is one online.

5.2 The Company reserves the right to request the following information from the Client:
● A billing statement with evidence of the Company’s charge (all other charges can be hidden)
● A copy of the Client’s credit card (all numbers can be covered except the last 4)

This data is only used in the verification process and is not shared with any third party, but only to verify the identity of the Client. Copies are not stored by the Company. Upon verification, all copies are destroyed.

5.3 Providing correct billing information is the Client’s responsibility and to immediately verify the Client’s identity and to ensure they match with the Company’s anti-fraud policy. The following time frame should be used for verification requests:
● 48 hours – 10 days: all billing data must be verified within 8 hours
● 12 – 24 hours: all billing data must be verified within 1 hour
● Less than 12 hours: all billing data must be verified within 20 minutes.

Any failure to meet these guidelines violates the Agreement and results in a forfeiture of the warranty.

5.4 Using stolen credit card information is illegal and the Company will always report such activity to the proper authorities. The Company works with law enforcement to fight fraud and cyber crime.

6. Termination

6.1 The Company can cancel any Order at its own discretion anytime a Client fails to communicate or provide information that hinders Order completion or when fraud is suspected. In these cases, reimbursement is not guaranteed. All such instances are investigated on their own and final decisions are made at the discretion of the Company in each case separately.

7. Revision Policy

7.1 Free revisions are a service provided by the Company as a courtesy to the Client. This is to provide satisfaction for the Client after the completion of the Order. To be entitled to free revisions, a request must be made by the Client within 14 days and within 30 days for a dissertation or thesis. After the deadline, revisions or edits can be made for an additional charge.

7.2 The Quality Assurance Department can limit or deny revision requests if they don’t match the original assignment guidelines, when the request is unreasonable, when the Writer is taken advantage of or there is a clear abuse of the policy.

7.3 Anytime a request for revisions doesn’t align with the original directions, the request can be denied by the Quality Assurance Department. However, if the request does match the original directions, revisions will be made at no charge to the Client.

8. Guarantee of Originality

8.1 A guarantee of 100% originality is offered for every Product. As assurance, every Product is checked using an advanced anti-plagiarism checker. The Company has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism.

8.2 The plagiarism checker can be added to any Order for an additional charge. The report, when this is ordered, will be provided with the Order download. The Company is not required to offer a plagiarism report with a revision.

9. Satisfaction Guarantee

9.1 All Products are guaranteed to be delivered by the Client’s deadlines and in a timely manner.

9.2 The Company cannot guarantee that formatting, proofreading and editing are free from plagiarism. No paper that is not written by the Company can be checked for plagiarism. When plagiarism is found in editing or formatting, no refund will be offered.

9.3 A cancellation must be made before the Order is complete.

9.4 All cancellation or refund requests must be provided in writing. A note to the Messaging Service or contacting the Customer Team is important in these cases. Clients are entitled to a full or partial refund anytime an Order is not delivered on time or when a Client is not satisfied with the Product. Approval for these cases will be done individually and the sole discretion of the Company.

9.5 A Client must provide valid reasons and proof when a refund request is due to dissatisfaction with the Product. Once a list of violations is provided, the request will be turned over to the Quality Assurance Department for review. The Company can ask for additional proof or documents as needed. If such items are not provided by the Client, the Quality Assurance Department can deny the request.

9.6 A refund request must be provided within 72 hours after completion of the Order. If not, the Company will assume that the Client is satisfied with the Product and a refund will not be given after 72 hours.

9.7 When a refund is made, or the Order is unpaid, but Product already delivered, the Company keeps the rights to the Product and the Company has the right to resell the Product. The Client is not allowed to use the Product for any purpose in this case.

9.8 The Company does not take responsibility for the Client’s failure to learn the material in the Product or when the research is used improperly. A failing grade is not subject to a refund. Section 2.1 offers additional information.

9.9 The Client understands that Store Credits are non-refundable when accepted by the Client. The credits will expire if not used within 1 year of being issued (365 days).

9.10 Short message service (SMS) is how the Company sends the client text messages. The Client agrees to receiving these messages when placing an Order. The Company retains the right to change any SMS without alerting the Client. This includes discounts and lowered rates. The Client is responsible for all charges as a result of said text messages.

10. Promotional Materials

10.1 The Company retains the right to contact a Client for reasons of offering discounts, new services, sales or anything else the Company thinks might be helpful for the Client.

10.2 The Client agrees to receiving correspondence from the Company that includes, but is not limited to, emails, push notifications and SMS messages.

10.3 Anytime the Company sends a marketing or advertising email, a link is supplied that allows the Client to unsubscribe. Any problems with receiving notifications can be addressed via the Support Team at privacy@nerdywriters.co.uk.

11. Breach of Waiver

11.1 Any breach of the Agreement when done so by the Client cannot be used on any other breach. Any resolutions in the Agreement are cumulative with any others offered here and with law enforcement.

11.2 Anytime the Company does not adhere to the Agreement, it is a waiver of the Company’s rights in that instance only. It cannot be used for any other breach of the terms of conditions.

12. Amendments

12.1 The Company retains the right to revise, amend, change or modify the Agreement at any time. The Client is bound by any such changes, modifications, revisions or amendments the entire time they use the services of the Company. It the Client’s sole responsibility to regularly check the Agreement for changes.

13. Entire Agreement

13.1 This Agreement is a vital portion of the Privacy Policy (including collecting information and use of cookies) and outlines all regulations that exist between the Client and the Company and no other stipulations are binding if not authorized by this Agreement. Changes and modifications cannot be made unless approved in writing by all parties involved. This Agreement supersedes any written or oral agreements made between the Client and Company.

14. Severability

14.1 Anytime a part of this Agreement is found to be illegal in the Client’s state of residence, all other portions of the Agreement are binding. All other obligations will be met as if the unlawful portion of the Agreement did not exist.

15. Governing of the Law

15.1 All guidelines in this Agreement are governed by the city and state where the Company’s main branch is located and in any other location seen fit by the Company.

16. Place of Suit

16.1 Any actions that must be taken to enforce the Agreement shall be upheld in the city and state’s jurisdiction where the Company’s main branch is located, or any other place determined by the Company.

17. Termination
The Client reserves the right to cancel this Agreement by sending an account deletion request to the Company at privacy@nerdywriters.co.uk.